Why do we need money?

A contemporary catheterization  and heart angiocardiography laboratory are two of the most important goals in 2013. The laboratory equipment together with all necessary appliances is worth 10 million kuna.
The intended location is ideal, in the pediatric department, along with the intensive care and neonatology units. The laboratory is planned in a way that „hybrid catheterization“ is possible, so that interventional cardiology can be done both by pediatricians and cardiac surgeons.

The Reference Center for pediatric cardiology at KBC Zagreb, Rebro, has around 250 heart catheterizations per year which include children of all ages, from infancy to adulthood, of which 40% are interventions.
The laboratory is extremely important because all Croatian children with cardiovascular diseases are gravitating around the Reference Center – KBC Zagreb.

So far we have bought these appliances:
1. Ultrasound device for pediatric and fetal cardiology  - 774.900,00 kn
2. Additional work unit for ultrasound, which stores and processes data  -    15.096,02 kn
3. Aspirators        -      5.645,70 kn
4. Perfusion        -      18.911,25 kn
5. Additional cardiac ultrasound probe     -      27.500,00 kn
6. 24-hour ECG and 24-hour BP monitoring      -       61.650,00 kn
7. Ergospirometry system        -     348.408,63 kn
8. Pulse oximeters (2 pieces – KBC Rebro and Osijek KB)    -        13.549,00 kn
9. ECG Holter Recorder, Holter LX Pro software package  -      156.430,09 kn

What is missing:
1. Modern telemetry system

A team of pediatric cardiologists and surgeons from intensive care work daily on diagnosing and eliminating children's heart defects. Even though we do have great experts, without the necessary equipment, the result of their effort is not the same.

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